Project closing conference announcement

Regional Energy Agency North, Open University Koprivnica and South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency are organizing closing conference of the V-educa project. It is our pleasure to invite to participate at the closing conference on June 15, 2015 In Koprivnica, Trg bana Josipa Jelacica 6 (Faculty building), second floor, room #1.

Agenda is the following:


Time   Topic Speaker
9:30      Registration  
9:45      Press conference  
10:00 10:10    Welcome speach and POU project role POU Koprivnica, Josip Nakic Alfirevic
10:10 10:25    STRDA project role and project results STRDA, Balazs Borkovits
10:25 10:40    REA North project role and project results REA North, Ivan Simic
10:40 10:55    nZEB in Croatia today and tomorrow REA North, Denis Premec
10:55 11:10    Further devlopment plans in STD region STRDA, Balazs Borkovits
11:10 11:25    Smart metering - smart local and regional governments   REA North, Jurica Perko
11:25 11:40    nZEB in Koprivnica – upcoming projects City of Koprivnica, Jasna Golubic
11:40      Lunch  
13:00      Project meeting (only for project partners)