Vocational education (V-educa) is an educational project on nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) co-financed through Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013.

Project started in July 1, 2014 and it ends on June 30, 2015. An overall objective of V-educa is motivating and educating entire community to engage in construction of nZEB and more frequent use of renewable energy sources (RES) and thus contribution to rational use of energy and reduction of CO2 emissions.

This goal will be reached through main project activities that include education of target groups related to construction sector, implementation of smart metering systems in public buildings and serious of promotional and motivational activities such as organization of info days, creation and distribution of nZEB handbook etc. This project is simply another step towards creation of energy efficient and sustainable communities in Hungary and Croatia but also a perfect supplement to the existing laws, regulations and decisions at the local, regional, national and EU level.

About US Project has three project partners, one coming from Hungary and two coming from Croatia. South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency (STRDA) from Hungary is a lead partner in this project and has great experience in regional planning, financing but also RES and energy efficiency (EE) utilization. Open University Koprivnica from Croatia as a project partner brings remarkable knowledge in organizing trainings and educations while Regional Energy Agency North (REA North) is oriented towards strategic and operational planning, technologies (RES and EE) and related education and funding opportunities in EU.

More info on project partner can be found at the following links:
STRDA - www.ddrfu.hu
Open University Koprivnica - www.pou-kop.hr
REA North - www.rea-sjever.hr