Summer school

It will be held on both sides of the border. Five day summer school on each side of the border for architecture and engineering students and their professors to analyse local energy performance challenges in the frame of student exchange and learn on nZEB content developed by teachers and other project beneficiaries. Ten students and three teachers from both side of the border will participate in this activity. Lectured topics will be split between two universities.

Study tours

In order for students to get full picture of energy efficient and more importantly nearly zero energy construction they will visit buildings and companies on both sides of the border. This will enable them to personally experience top notch technology, living, working and production standards etc. Besides, at study tours students will learn different measurement methods related to nZEB as REA North and University of Pecs have such prior experience and necessary equipment.

Practical education of students

Practical education will contain real work and cooperation of all project beneficiaries including students and teachers on project documentation development/designing where the final output will be three main technical projects for reconstruction of existing or construction of new buildings based on nZEB concept.

Locations and construction/reconstruction projects (owned by public authorities) will be identified during this activity at following locations: Koprivnica, Pecs and Varazdin.